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Eliminate stress at a stroke

Recover your vitality by eliminating stress and having peace of mind 24 hours a day. That will give you wings to carry out your work with dedication.

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This is what you will get:

– You will know how the mind works and how to make it available to you
– You will be able to keep your mind at peace
– You will take the step to enjoy your day to day, moment by moment.

I'm Luis Montalvo

I have been an entrepreneur since I was 14 years old. I have gone through the sectors of hospitality, communication, construction, insurance, politics and foundations, so I know the problems that a manager or an executive can have in their day to day.

As a child I was diagnosed with ADHD, in such a way that I always had other concerns that were different from those of my classmates. My desire to know and explore the world showed me that the great secret is found in books, in such a way that I dedicated myself to reading everything that I found along the way.

For this reason I began to study human behavior to eliminate the concept of Ā«tremendousĀ» that people had towards me and I began to realize that people were not happy and lied to each other.

This, coupled with my impetus, led me to start a business from a very young age, adding value to society and my professional life.

With my Mental Activation Technique you will lead your life and not the other way around. You will see life as it is, not as this society wants you to see it.

All the information that I am going to share with you is from years of experience and contemplation. Each exercise that I show you I have already implanted before in myself and in many others.

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